Kirsty and Luke took ownership of Breen Printing in July 2020 (yes, right in the middle of Victoria’s second lockdown!). Both started working in the printing industry in the year 2000 in separate businesses. However, their paths had intersected earlier through the Yarra Valley grapevine. Luke from Warburton and Kirsty from Healesville first met each other through mutual friends at Mt Lilydale Mercy College.

Kirsty started an apprenticeship in graphic pre-press at Breen Printing, working her way through the company and getting varied business experience. Luke worked in the plastic card printing world, beginning in production and printing before managing a multinational bureau at PLACARD. He has shared his knowledge, skills and passion with the team at Breen Printing since 2019.

Together, we share a passion for all things print and are proud to work alongside a wonderful team of professionals.

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The Breen Printing Team

Working like cogs in a machine, the Breen team is what makes us unique. Average tenure is 10 years and the values of all our staff are aligned with those of the company – quality, relationship building and sharing advice. We are a friendly and approachable solutions-driven team. We love working with you to problem solve and find creative solutions and quality outcomes.

The Breen machine is made up of our relationship team, creative team, production and dispatch team. Each individual brings a unique skill and knowledge base that allow us to provide a complete solution. Whether it’s marketing material, internal documentation, point of sale items, branded stationery, or a bespoke promotional product, we enjoy working with you towards the best outcome.

Our Story

Originally founded in 1973 by Peter Breen, Derek and Merinda Jones bought the business in 1985. Their vision was to provide quality printing solutions to Healesville and the surrounding Yarra Valley, while raising their three daughters, Rhiannon, Kirsty and Melissa. And that is just what they did. Over the next 35 years, they built a nationwide client base and employed a team of 12 staff, including all 3 of their daughters and son-in-law, Luke.

On their retirement in July 2020, Derek and Merinda passed the baton to husband and wife, Kirsty and Luke to continue the Breen Printing legacy.

Contact Breen Printing
Contact Breen Printing

Introducing Derek,
our Founder

Derek ran the show at Breen Printing for over 30 years, working hard to build a local business that stood for quality print service. Rhiannon, Kirsty and Melissa were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work by his side, building their own careers in this wonderful industry.

You might be lucky to catch Derek on-site when you visit, helping out on the press or doing a delivery run or two. If you see him, say hi and wish him a happy and well-deserved retirement!

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Specialising in general commercial offset and digital print, we’re not afraid to step outside of our comfort zone to achieve your goal. We relish the opportunity to use our skills and knowledge to work with you to develop an innovative solution.